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Expanded Details of Society Director positions


President -  Leader of the Society and presides at meetings.  Leads action arising from meetings.

  • Convene and chair meetings of the executive committee on a timely basis to address the
    business and direction of the Society.
  • At least one day ahead of a scheduled meeting develop an agenda for executives to consider and comment upon.
  • Act as coordinator for any actions that arise from discussion at the executive meetings.
  • Develop, with advice from the executive committee, a Society activity plan with timeline for the year.
  • Ensure that venues for club activities are booked well ahead of time.
  • Act as a general liaison for information about club aims and activities.
  • Ensure vice president can assume the president's role when needed.

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Vice President - Assists and stand in for president as required.

  • Carry out the duties of the president during the president’s absence.
  • Share presidential duties when he/she requests same. 

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Secretary -  Records, maintains, and distributes meeting minutes.

  • Attend all executive committee and general Society meetings to record the proceedings,
    or nominate a suitable alternate.
  • Record and distribute minutes of proceedings and actions that arise from the agenda.
  • Maintain a copy of all minutes of all meetings in the PNWP&EPS minutes book.
  • At executive meetings, have available, a copy of the previous meeting’s minutes.
  • After each Annual General Meeting, complete and submit to BC Registry services its required reporting.

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Society Plant Mentor - Fields enquiries from members and Regional Plant Mentors.

  • Respond to requests from Society members for expert help.
  • Work with regional plant mentors as required for mutual effectiveness.
  • Maintain and update a list of Society mentors.

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Treasurer - Maintains financial records and report on same.

  • Maintain records of all financial transactions made by Society members on behalf of
    the society.
  • Maintain the Society’s bank account.
  • Receive and disburse funds by appropriate methods (cheque, Visa etc.) in order to
    conduct the Society’s financial transactions such as membership, HPI, plant sales,
    tours, etc.
  • Provide at the Annual General meeting, a detailed report of the Society's financial
    status, and informal updates at executive meetings, conforming to the requirements of the Societies Act and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Store the Society’s financial records for the most recent 7 years.
  • Ensure that suitable alternates with signing privileges are in place in case of absence.

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Assistant Treasurer - Assists and stand in for treasurer as required.

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Membership Registrar -Maintains an up-to-date record of germane member information.

  • Maintain a roster of past and current members and HPI advertisers.
  • Coordinate and share Membership information with the treasurer and HPI editors, and other Directors as required.
  • Communicate with members concerning their membership status, and issue
    membership cards as needed.

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Society Mailbox Director - Manages Society “INFO” email account messages.

  • Receive, assess and redirect incoming general Society email to appropriate Society Directors.
  • Send email messages to members as indicated by other directors to distribute updates on matters not provided on Society Website.
  • Coordinate acquisition of envelopes, labels etc. for snail-mail mail-outs to members.
  • Maintain email services for the Society Directors requiring them.

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Presentation and Workshop Coordinator -  Arranges guest speakers and topics of interest, and/or coordinates workshops on specific topics.

  • Propose speaker presentation and topic content to the executive.
  • Issue invitation to presenters  to appear and speak.
  • The coordinator should be prepared to introduce the speakers, or delegate others as
  • Solicits member input for workshop topics and coordinates workshop organization and delivery with the Technical Moderator

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Presentation Technical Moderator - Oversees running Zoom and other “On-Line” activities.

  • The moderator controls the functionality of the On-Line meetings and presentations by managing the technical aspects such as creating zoom meeting invitations, screen sharing and fielding questions raised by attendees.

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Webmaster -  Keeps website functional, updates content with input from Society Directors.

  • Maintain and update Society website content as directed by other Society Directors.
  • Manage the annual renewal aspects of the website including Domain Name and Hosting provider.

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Editor - 'HPI' Journal - Oversees material for HARDY PALM INTERNATIONAL.

  • Develop and coordinate the HPI editorial team, and call meetings of the team.
  • In conjunction with the members of the editorial team, develop sufficient material with
    photographs for the journal.
  • Have available a suitable computer and appropriate software for editing.
  • Coordinate the distribution of the Journals to Society members.

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Assistant Editor - 'HPI' - Assists editor with gathering and editing material.
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Social Media Director - Manages our presence on Facebook, Instagram, or other appropriate social media.

  • Manage our Society presence and interaction on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Wall Calendar Director - Coordinates the production and distribution of the wall calendar.

  • Solicit and select appropriate photo material for the Society’s annual wall calendar.
  • Assemble and proof calendar using suitable software to produce calendar files as required by the printer.
  • Liaise with Membership Director, to determine the number of calendars to be printed.
  • Coordinate with Mailbox Director to distribute an electronic version “Sample Calendar” to members well before year end.
  • Coordinate with volunteer members to mail the completed calendars to members.

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Regional Presidents -  Represents the Society in specific geographic regions, and acts as needed as president in these regions

  • Liaise with Society Executive about issues relating to regional events,
    meetings, memberships etc.

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Social Activity Coordinators - Arranges gardening related social functions and tours.

  • Liaise with Society Executive on aspects of financial support for planned Social activities.

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Plant Sale Directors - Arranges venues, participants and processes.

  • Liaise with Society Executive on aspects of financial support for planned Society sales activities.
  • Arrange vendors, sale venue, and coordinate volunteers and processes.

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Plant Mentors - Fields enquiries from members.

  • Respond to requests from Society members for experienced help.

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